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Refinancing - Debt Consolidation - Switch Home Loans

Refinancing is potentially the simplest way to save you money. All banks offer different interest rates, different discounts and the home loan you signed up for previously may not be the best fit for you today. Interest rates are always on the move and market conditions are constantly shifting, that’s why it makes sense to consider refinancing your home loan to
ensure you’re getting the most from your home loan. Our mortgage consultants will help you by negotiating a better rate with your current lender or securing a lower interest rate with a new lender.  It is recommended to reassess your home loan at least once every few years and we can compare your current deal with the latest offerings from other lenders to be confident your needs are constantly being met.

 Debt consolidation is another strategy which potentially can help you save thousands of dollars. Debt consolidation is a process where all of your debts are rolled together into a single loan. If you have enough equity in your home, there may be options to consolidate all personal debts like personal loans and credit cards into your home loan which will generally have lower interest rates than those personal debts. Mortgage repayments are also easier to manage when you have less personal and credit card debt. If you owe money on your cards, a car or personal loan, it may be worthwhile rolling this
debt into your home loan to save interest and ease the financial burden. 

Whether it’s to reduce monthly repayments, converting higher interest rate debt to lower rates through consolidation or seeking additional funds for home improvements, contact us today and let a mortgage expert show you some immediate savings.

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